Behind the glass

by Maryna Kovernyk
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 11.8 x 23.6 x 1.6 in (30 x 60 x 4 cm)

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Maryna Kovernyk

Maryna Kovernyk is a contemporary Abstract painter. She creates spirited paintings as colour fantasy capturing the moment of mind state

Maryna paints from her cozy studio on her property in Prague. Acrylic is a main medium but she also loves to work with oil. A range of techniques is involved in her practice and mainly executed on canvas.

Maryna believes that Abstract Art is an incredible journey that provides endless possibilities to stimulate all senses.

In another body of work entitled "Abstract Numerology" she creats a combination of figures and colors transfered to personalized art. It is original paintingsexecuted by order using personal data. Essence of positive energy that brings harmony in to persons life and lifts up to next levels of human being.

«I live when I paint. Abstraction is my passion. Science of my life. It is not only the state of the mind it is a great positive energy power and boldness! Abstraction is a new level of art. It is for the ones who is ready for the next level. You are not choosing the painting. Painting choosing you! Don't even doubt. This is how real abstraction should look like. My paintings are pure extract of the emotions that you can feel. And if the emotion was created special for you (my personal project «Abstract Numerology») it is the key to your success. I love what I do. And I believe that I can make some ones life better».